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Bike to Work Scheme

In January 2009, the Irish government launched the Bike to Work scheme. This scheme allows for taxpayers in Ireland to claim tax relief on bicycles and accessories purchased for commuting to work. The Bike Shop is an approved retailer under this scheme and can handle all your Bike to Work queries.

Why Bike to Work?

You may well ask yourself why you should even consider cycling to work. Well, it's healthy - exercise is good for us and most of us are not getting as much of it as we should. The health benefits of cycling include better heart health, lower weight, better energy levels. It's also economical - a bike costs much less than a car to buy. There's no tax and insurance, and maintenance costs can be as little as €50 per year. The only fuel you need is what you eat. And it's eco friendly. Bikes have a much smaller impact on the environment than cars or public transport.

What can I get?

All bicycles we sell are covered by the scheme. Additionally, the following safety related accessories are covered:

To participate in the scheme, your employer needs to register for the scheme. You can then talk to us about the bike and equipnment that best meets your needs. We will give you a written quotation which you return to your employer. You will be issued with a purchase voucher which you can use to collect your new bike and accessories.

More information on the scheme is available at Self employed persons should discuss the scheme with their accountant.

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