Service & Repairs

Pedal with Confidence: Expert Service and Repairs for Every Ride

At The Bike Shop, we take pride in providing top-quality service and repairs to keep your bike in excellent condition. Our workshop is certified by Bosch and Shimano, ensuring that your bike receives expert care and attention.

With every new bike purchase, we offer complimentary service to ensure your bike is performing at its best. This service must be redeemed within the first 6-8 weeks of purchase. Walk-in appointments are welcome, and we’ll send you a text message as soon as your bike is ready for collection. Please note that a storage fee of €5 per day applies if the bike is not collected within 7 days.

General Servicing

Our general servicing package is designed to keep your bike in optimal condition for smooth rides and safe travels. For just €25, our service includes:

  • Gear tune
  • Brake adjustment

  • Wheel truing and tensioning

  • Bolt check and torque

  • Chain lubrication

  • Oil application to all moving parts

  • Comprehensive bike inspection

  • Tire inflation

We recommend this service every 3 months for Hybrid, MTB, City, and Aluminium Road Bikes. Please note that replacement parts are not included in the service package price.

E-Bikes Servicing

E-Bikes require specialized care to maintain their performance and longevity. Our E-Bike service package, priced at €40, includes:

  • Gear tune
  • Brake adjustment

  • Wheel truing and tensioning

  • Hubs, headset & bottom bracket adjustment

  • Full drivetrain degreasing

  • Chain lubrication

  • Bolt check and torque

  • Frame wipe down and inspection

  • Software update

We recommend this service annually for E-Bikes. Replacement parts are not included in the service package price.

E-Bike Repair Policy

For safety reasons, we only perform repair work on electric bicycles purchased in our store or equipped with the following electronic systems:

  • Bosch
  • Shimano

  • Giant/Philips

  • LogiX (limited to Raleigh E-Bicycles)

Our service staff reserves the right to refuse any E-Bike that is deemed unsafe to ride or has been tampered with. Please ensure that your bike is reasonably clean, and provide keys and easily removable batteries upon drop-off.

Safety Policy

In adherence to our safety policy, if a part on your bike poses a serious safety concern (e.g., brakes, tires) and we cannot reach you by phone, our mechanics will install the necessary parts to make the bike roadworthy. We always strive to communicate with our customers, but there may be instances where immediate action is required for safety reasons.